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Policies & Procedures

XRED policies and procedures overlap with those of the iEX Center. iEX Center standard operating procedures fall into seven major categories as outlined below but answering these basic questions: how does the iEX Center identify and determine projects in which it undertakes, how does the iEX Center develop those projects, how does the iEX Center complete and deliver those projects, how are the iEX Center facilities operated on a day-to-day basis, how is the iEX Center managed, how is the iEX Center promoted with regard to its mission and vision and finally how are the academic endeavors of the IEX Center managed.

Each standard operating procedure is a stand-alone document but with references to other standard operating procedures, documents, forms, and external resources as appropriate. Documentation comprising these procedures is necessary to organize, operationalize, and memorialize projects and activities undertaken by the iEX Center.

For questions related to these documents or to the procedures in general please contact the iEX Center.

Make it Real! Extended Reality @ Husson University

For information regarding XRED, the Extended Reality degree program, or projects undertaken by the the iEX Center please contact iexcenter@husson.edu