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Extended Reality Equipment Distribution

About the XR Curriculum

XR students study disciplines such as digital media design, computer programming, audio engineering, and visual design; within the context of extended reality. They collaborate with other students, faculty, and outside partners in the new iEX Center, using emerging XR technology as they develop practical solutions to real-world challenges.

Typical XR Project that student work on may include:

  • building three-dimensional models for a virtual reality training platform
  • programming an augmented reality application
  • experimenting with interactive projected media hardware
  • using a motion capture system to analyze body movements or create real-time avatars
  • programming a game engine to create interactive spatial audio-triggered effects
  • experimenting with augmented reality glasses
Careers for XR graduates cross many industries and include companies in the fields of media, engineering, research, entertainment, and training.

Make it Real! Extended Reality @ Husson University

For information regarding XRED, the Extended Reality degree program, or projects undertaken by the the iEX Center please contact iexcenter@husson.edu